Our mission is to facilitate speed-to-market because time is money.

Blue Sage is committed to getting companies dressed for the dance… the success dance. We know the struggles of young growing companies and we assist them in looking bigger and more successful than what they are. As a result companies realize success much earlier by appealing to larger clients who look for sophistication in their vendor relationships.

Blue Sage’s founder, Dave Montague is no stranger to building fast growing companies. He has founded and co-founded several companies and has secured first and second round funding from the Bay area’s largest VC groups. His companies have garnered over 100 interactive, software, web design, and video production awards including 4 Best of State awards.

Over 50 creative awards including 4 best of state awards.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

The Right Approach. The Right Solution.

We are skilled in many disciplines that make us a one stop design boutique. We have worked with start up to enterprise level business but don’t let that scare you. We are here to help smaller companies get big fast.


Beautiful Images

Images tell a story, share a feeling and reveal information to your viewer.

Images Tell A Story

Rest assure we will incorporate beautiful imagery into your project so it stands out to the world.

Intuitive Options

Our intuitive options allow you to quickly and easily customize your web site.

Interfaces Matter

Options are useless without a clear understanding of what they do. We include intuitive, easy to use options.


No matter what screen size or device, your content will look amazing.

Looks Amazing

Your content matters most, and needs to be accessible anywhere, anytime. This happens with our framework.

We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide.

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

Give us a call. We are easy to talk with and there’s no pressure. We can take a look at your site new or existing and give you some honest feedback based on years of experience.

We Are Creative

We love creative solutions that make companies stand out.

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We Have Intuition

We have a design sense born from our experience in dealing with international brands.

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We Are Determined

This is what we do for a living. Your success is our success… literally. We take it seriously like a close friendship.

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